Scoperte musicali che fanno bene all’anima -Low Cut Connie

Get Out the Lotion (2011): “What indie rock might sound like were it invented in Alabama in the late Fifties.” (Rolling Stones)

Call Me Sylvia (2012) – (su Boozophilia): “as like Jerry Lee Lewis if he’d had his first religious experience at a Replacements show.” (Rolling Stones)

Hi Honey (2015): #2 “album of the year” dal critico NPR/Sound Opinions Jim DeRogatis.
Dave Tomar scrisse nell’Huffington Post che Hi Honey “brims with something more than just the wounded abandon that distinguished previous recordings” e disse che “it borrows furiously and confidently from history to deliver an immediate blast of booty-shaking brilliance.”
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, di AllMusic, insignì l’album di quattro stelle su cinque e disse che “the nifty thing about Hi Honey is how it’s cleverly produced to replicate the kinetic sensation of hearing a stack of 45s being spun through an old jukebox.”
Eric Schuman, su Magnet, definì l’album come “essential new music” e “both retro-minded and forward-thinking.”

Dirty Pictures – part1 (2017): where’s the Grammy?! (hehehe)



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